MASTERINVEST is an online tool (“Platform”) that allows users to freely perform operations between different virtual currencies (Cryptocurrencies)
This User Agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) establishes terms and rules for using the platform by users (hereinafter - MASTERINVEST) and represents the Agreement between MASTERINVEST and any person who is a user of the MASTERINVEST platform (hereinafter after the User).

1. General Provisions

1.1. In this Agreement shall apply following terms and definitions:
1.1.1. Agreement - this document with all additions, changes and the required documents specified in it.
1.1.2. User – a person of competence who have reached the age of 18 years, who joined this Agreement in his or her own interest or acting on behalf of the legal entity represented this person.
1.1.3. Service - a complex of services provided to the User using MASTERINVEST.
1.1.4. Your Account – is a personal section of the MASTERINVEST platform and additional functionality that the User gets access after passing registration or authorization on the site The personal account is intended to store the personal data of the User, view and manage available functionality and relative terms of use for managing transactions, committed through the use of MASTERINVEST.
1.2. Other terms and definitions may be used in this Agreement, not specified in paragraph 1.1. of the Agreement. In this case, the interpretation of such a term shall be made in accordance with the text of the Agreement.
1.3. User’s use of MASTERINVEST within its functional operations, including: page viewing content posted on MASTERINVEST; registration and / or authorization on MASTERINVEST; using of MASTERINVEST functionality and Services provided by it; creates a contract in accordance with the conditions of this Agreement between the User and MASTERINVEST.
1.4. A mandatory requirement for use of MASTERINVEST is the complete and unconditional appeal of the User of the following documents (on the text of - the agreement - the mandatory documents):
The Privacy policy posted and / or available on the MASTERINVEST website on the Internet at
The User agreement posted and / or available on the MASTERINVEST website on the Internet at
1.5. Using any of the specified opportunities in paragraph 1.3.  for using the Services MASTERINVEST, you acknowledge that:
1.5.1. You have read the terms of this Agreement in its entirety before the using Services MASTERINVEST.
1.5.2. Agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement fully without limitation or reservation and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions or terminate the Services of MASTERINVEST. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or are not able to contracts under that agreement you should immediately stop any using MASTERINVEST Service.
1.5.3. The agreement, included the mandatory documents relating to it, can be changed by the Administration of MASTERINVEST without any special previous informing the User.  The new edition of the Agreement and / or the required documents specified in it comes into force from the moment of posting on the Website or bringing to the notice of the User in somewhat different convenient form, 
unless otherwise provided by the new version of the conformity and / or mandatory documents in it.
1.6. The current version of the Agreement is on the Website on the Internet at


2.1. The use of the full functionality of MASTERINVEST, including the use of the Services, is allowed only after the User has passed registration and authorization on the MASTERINVEST website in accordance with the established procedure by the Administration.
2.2. The list of functional capabilities of the Services the use of which requires pre-registration and / or authorization, as well as the adoption of additional documents for using of such Services, if necessary, is determined at the sole discretion of the Administration and may change from time to time.
2.3. Having completed the registration procedure, a unique account is created that is linked with the User’s Personal Account on the MASTERINVEST website, which is required for use most of the functionality and Services based on them.
2.4. For registration, the User have to agree to provide accurate and complete information about Yourself in the fields of the Registration Form marked with a special character and support this information in actual status. In the event that the user provides wrong information or Administrations have reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or unreliable, the Administration has discretionary powers to block or delete a User account and also to cut the User's access to the Service and related Services fully or partly.
2.5. Any activities committed from under user account are considered to be committed by appropriate User. In case of unauthorized access to the user account, or distribution of access, the user is obliged to notify the Administration immediately.
2.6. The administration reserves the right to require the User to confirm data, specified at registration, at any time, and in this regard request supporting documents (particularly identity documents), failure to provide such information, to the Administration's discretion, may amount to misinformation and entail consequence, set out in p.2.4. of the Agreement. If the User's data specified in the documents provided to them do not correspond to the data specified during registration, and also in the case when the data specified during registration do not allow identifying the user, the Administration has the right to apply the measures specified in paragraph 2.4. of the Agreement.
2.7. Information about the User, contained in the account and Personal Account of the User, is stored and processed by the Administration in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


3.1. By starting to use the Site and / or its Services, you guarantee that at the moment you are at least 18 years old. You also confirm and warrant that you will not use the Site if it is prohibited by the laws of your country. Among other things, you are not allowed to  usе this resource for any type of illegal activity, including money - laundering and terrorist financing.
3.2. The User is obliged not to use MASTERINVEST for the following purposes:
- to break the rules or assist any party in violating any law, statute, regulation or any rule of any self-regulatory organization of which  you belong or whose services you use;
- to provide  with false or misleading information;
- to violate copyrights, patents, trademarks or intellectual property rights of MASTERINVEST or any other third parties;
- to distribute unauthorized advertising materials, any letters with spam;
- to get unauthorized access to the Site and its Services using source codes and algorithms;
- to take any actions that contribute to a large load on the infrastructure of the site or have a detrimental effect on the system, data or information;
- to transfer or upload to the site any material containing viruses, Trojans, spyware or any other malevolent software;
- to get unsanctioned access to the Site, MASTERINVEST accounts, computer systems, networks connected to the site using password sniffing systems or other tools;
- to transfer any rights to third parties submitted to you in accordance with existing conditions.
3.3. You accept and agree that any content including, but not limited to issues, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, plans, notes, drawings, original and creative materials or other information directly related to MASTERINVEST or Services (collectively "Feedback") that are provided by you, whether by means of email, on the Site or otherwise, are confidential and become the property of MASTERINVEST. MASTERINVEST will have full rights, including all intellectual property rights, and have a right to unlimited use of dissemination of information provision about you in any commercial, or other alternative uses without your confirmation or compensation.
3.4. In posting any materials on the site for public use the User automatically gives the Administration (or confirms that the holder such publications has provided the Administration) a free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, edit, copy, publish, translate and distribute such materials in any country of the world and/or to include such materials in other works in any form through the use of the currently known communications media or technologies  or may be invented in the future, for the duration period of copyright protection.
The User also allows access, viewing, storage or reproduction of such materials to other Users for personal use.
3.5. You acknowledge that any funds used by you on the Platform either belong to you or you are currently authorized to proceed with  transactions using such funds and that all transactions are initiated by your account and not for any other third person or entity in accordance with this Agreement.
3.6. You agree to indemnify, defend and maintain MASTERINVEST, its affiliates and service providers, as well as each of their relevant officers, directors, agents, joint ventures, employees and representatives, without any claims or demands (including attorneys' fees, expenses and any fines, fees imposed by any regulatory authority) arising from (I) your violation of these Terms, (II) your use of the Services, or (III) your violation of any law, rule or agreement.


4.1. The MASTERINVEST Administration has the right to set limits on the amount of investment in the Platform, as well as to introduce other technical restrictions on the use of the Site, which from time to time will be communicated to the Users in format and mode chosen by the Administration.
4.2. MASTERINVEST is a performance service and has no right to report on merits and / or disadvantages, as well as tax implications. Conducing any transactions, you confirm that you have sole responsibility for the transfer funds and accept the risks related to the transaction. You confirm that you are experienced in sufficient expertise and knowledge to to work on the platform and evaluate the financial-cryptocurrency market. We do not guarantee you the stability of the cryptocurrency market, and do not accept any fiduciary obligations between you and us.
4.3. MASTERINVEST gives you a limited license in accordance these Terms of use the Services, as well as a content and materials exceptionally for acquainted purposes. Any other use of the Services or content is strictly prohibited. All other rights of the Platform and Content are copyrighted. You cannot copy, transmit, distribute, sell, re-sell, modify, publish, include in other websites or in any other way use the Content or other services whole or in part for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Copying and any other different manipulations with the Platform Content and Services can be possible after a prior written permission of MASTERINVEST. If you violate any of the Terms, your permission and access for using the Platform may be stopped in accordance with the Terms and Conditions in force. In addition, we have the right to all legal remedies available under the law for copyright violating "". You are forbidden to copy, imitate or use trademarks and services without the prior written consent of MASTERINVEST.
4.4. In case of multiply or gross violation of the Terms and or legal requirements, The Administration of MASTERINVEST reserves the right to entirely block the User account, delete it or limit the Service providing in another way. 
4.5. In case of   accountability or penalties to MASTERINVEST due to the User’s violation of the rights and /or  the interests of the third persons, established by law prohibitions or restrictions, the User must make full reparation for loss for MASTERINVEST Administration.
4.6. If you think that someone or something violate your copyright that are under your control, you may email our manager ( ) a notification letter about such breach . Draw attention that you realize and have a responsibility all information added by you to this email address  can really violates you copyright, and you will be able to pay any damages: costs and financial reward for lawyers, for any inconvenience , content withdrawing or switch off the services during the trial period. 


5.1. MASTERINVEST is not liable for assets of cryptocurrencies, workability of cryptocurrency platforms, which provide their services, investments operating time by agreements and for other penalties which could affect the invested funds connected to the provision of Services by cryptocurrency suppliers. Also MASTERINVEST is not liable for your transactions as against third parties “not there” and “to the wrong person”, and also for loss of money from your account as a result of  information seepage  because of  confidential violation or  different attracts of stealing funds  from  your account.
5.2. MASTERINVEST takes all responsible measures to save personal data of investors and also tries to prevent  and soften the Platform attacking. If MASTERINVEST can prove the activity of cryptocurrency on the Platform was compromised or is under attack, MASTERINVEST can immediately stop the investments attraction, charging deposits and withdrawing funds. If it is established that such attack was the reason of a significant decrease of cryptocurrency cost, MASTERINVEST can completely stop all commercial activities connected with such cryptocurrency. Resolutions related to deposits, withdrawing users’ balances for attacked cryptocurrency will be determined in every particular case. MASTERINVEST makes no representations, does not guarantee the safeness of  the Platform and is not responsible for lost or stolen property whether MASTERINVEST was sloped in in providing security or not.
5.3. We do not guarantee any available transaction would be carried in a proper way. MASTERINVEST under no circumstances is not responsible for y losses incurred by investor in case of inability to close a deal (work) on time. Moreover MASTERINVEST is not responsible for notification of transactions mistakes. The user bears full responsibility for identifying and classification of any transaction failures. If you have received any data, information or software, except those are provided for using according to the Agreement you have immediately to inform MASTERINVEST and shouldn’t use such data, information or software in any way. If you ask to withdraw funds from your bill before ending deposits without waiting the end  of deposit saving (transaction), we  will not fulfill this request until   the end of transaction. We are entitled to act  for you under instructions, available for you or any person introducing you or without this person for  further inquiry of given truthful information from your account.
5.4. As much as possible authorized by the legislation of MASTERINVEST is not responsible for any loss all types (including without limitation, indirect, special, and random or loss of profits) in case of your use the services even if MASTERINVEST was informed by you. In no cases MASTERINVEST is not responsible for your actions and violations of Terms of Service.
5.5. MASTERINVEST can suspend or terminate access to services and deactivate or block your account in accordance with a current subpoena or court order, or MASTERINVEST will suspect you in utilizing your account in order to carry out illegal activity. The transition of cryptocurrency connected with your account during ninety (90) days after deactivation or blocking account will be allowed to you, for conditions if that transfer will not be prohibited according to the law or court order If any transaction at the moment of   withdrawal or suspension of your account, this transaction can be put on hold and or given back if it is necessary. You cannot deactivate your account in case of avoiding official investigation or paying taxes. To revoke your account you allow MASTERINVEST to chancel or suspend waiting transactions and after written statement the funds connected with the transactions can be returned to your wallet. If your account access will be terminated (deactivated, annulled, blocked), because of your fault, you will be liable for all financial losses according of the Agreement. In case if technical problem leads to system crash  or account errors,  MASTERINVEST can temporarily suspend account access until solving the problem.
5.6. In addition to submitted terms of service and a user agreement, mentioned above,  MASTERINVEST will stop working because of reasons beyond the reasonable control, included, but not limited  actions of God, Government, War or another hostile activities, civil unrest, natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, embargo, terrorist acts,  food provisions or disconnection related to the service provider.


6.1. If any status of these Terms is seemed to be illegal, invalid or hasn’t legal power for any reasons, this status will be considered fragmentary in difference of the following Terms, it will not have any influence to other settings and also it will not have financial and informative values.
6.2. The inability of our realization or enforcing any right or setting of this Agreement is not a rejection of such right or status. This Agreement and the operating rules constitute the full agreement and understanding between you and us and regulate your use of the Services, replacing without limitation any oral or written Agreements between you and us. Any ambiguities in the interpretation of this Agreement shall not be interpreted against the editorial side.
6.3. All your questions you can send to the e-mail address: If you please, in the contact letter give us all relevant information, including user’s name of MASTERINVEST, id, and indications of  transactions you are interested in. The answer, as a rule, will be given during 24 hours.