This Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) applies to the whole information in accordance with the requirements GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), according to this the platform (hereinafter - MASTERINVEST) and/or its affiliated persons, including those who service MASTERINVEST can receive about the User. A user agreement for the supplying of personal information given him/her in accordance with this Policy with relations with one of the persons representing group of people servicing MASTERINVEST and/or affiliates, covers all persons belonging to this group.
Use of the site, platform, services and programmes of MASTERINVEST (hereinafter - Services) means unconditional acceptance with this Policy and terms specified in handling of personal information; in case of disagreement with these terms the user must refrain from using Services. 


1.1. This Policy informs you about how do we get, save, use, protect and process personal data and other information getting from users of MASTERINVEST.
1.2. This Policy is directly related to “The User Agreement”, conditions of which you have to study and adopt before further use of MASTERINVEST Services. 
1.3. MASTERINVEST doesn’t collect the information about people aged under 18 , thus you are not allowed to use any personal, informational and other data of such persons within MASTERINVEST.
1.4. This Policy does not regulate handing, receiving, storage, processing, using and disclosure of personal and informal data by external organizations do not consist to owned and / or managed by MASTERINVEST, as well as individuals who are not the service personnel of MASTERINVEST and / or its affiliates.


Within this Policy, “user personal information” means:
2.1.1. Personal information of a user given independently during the registration (you created your account) and /or during the use of Services, including user’s personal and informal data. Compulsory information for the provision and use of the Services is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the user. MASTERINVEST does not check credibility of personal information given by users and doesn’t control over their legal capacity. However, MASTERINVEST, assumes that the user provides accurate and sufficient personal information requested in the registration form and located in the personal account of the user, and keeps this information up to date. The risk of providing inaccurate information is borne by the user who submitted it. The user can change (update, supplement) or delete the personal information provided to them or its part at any time, as well as its privacy settings, using the editing function of personal data in the “My Account” section.
2.2. Data that are automatically transmitted to the Services during their use with the aid of installed software on the user's device, including the IP address, information from cookies, information about the user's browser (or another program that allows access to the Services), access time , address of the requested page, referrer (address of the previous page).
2.2.1. Another information about the user, if its collection and / or provision in accordance with the applicable documents of the individual Services.


3.1. MASTERINVEST collects and stores only those personal and informational data which are necessary for the provision of Services and service delivery  (execution of agreements and contracts with the user).
3.2. MASTERINVEST can use the personal information of a user for the purpose of:
3.2.1. Identification from the outside within agreements and contracts with MASTERINVEST;
3.2.2. Providing users with personalized services;
3.2.3. Communication with the user, including sending notifications, requests and information related to the use of the Services, provision of services, as well as processing of requests and requests from the user;
3.2.4. Improving Services qualities, convenience of use, the development of new services and services;
3.2.5. Determine the location of the user to ensure security, prevent fraud;
3.2.6. Providing the user with effective customer and technical support in case of problems arising from the use of the MASTERINVEST Services;
3.2.7. Implementation of advertising and marketing activities with the consent of the user.


4.1. According to the personal information of a user its remain confidential.
4.2. MASTERINVEST has a right to transferee personal information to the third persons in such cases: 
4.2.1. A User has consented to such actions;
4.2.2. The transfer is necessary within the use of a certain Service by the user or to provide a service for the user;
4.2.3. Transferring provided by the legislation of the user's country within of the procedure established by law;
4.2.4. This transfer takes place as part of the sale or other transfer of MASTERINVEST (in whole or in part), at the same time, all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy are transferred to the acquirer in relation to the personal information received by him/her;
4.2.5. In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of MASTERINVEST or third parties in cases where the user violates the Terms of Use of the site
4.2.6. In processing the personal data of users, MASTERINVEST is guided by the management documents of the GDPR.


5.1. MASTERINVEST takes all reasonable measures to protect personal and informational data stored in the Service from loss, distortion, blocking, alteration, distribution, destruction or unauthorized use by third parties. These measures include physical, technological and software security one. MASTERINVEST takes all reasonable security measures in relation to the protection of personal data  at the stage of their transfer to the Service.
5.2. However, you should understand that there is no way to transfer data over the Internet or store it in digital form, which will be 100% secure. Thus, despite the best efforts of MASTERINVEST in relation to the protection of personal data, MASTERINVEST cannot guarantee the absolute protection of the information received from you. Also, in case of  loss or fail to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your authorization data to the Service (login and password), third parties may receive unauthorized access to your Personal Account, as well as personal and information data stored in the Service.
5.3. MASTERINVEST stores your personal and information data for as long as your Account is active, or for the time required to provide you with the Service, resolve disputes and use mutual agreements between you and MASTERINVEST.
5.4. Upon the termination of validity deactivation of the account for the user's consent and / or by the decision of the legislature, all Personal and Information data will be destroyed using all available security measures.


6.1. MASTERINVEST uses cookies files and other technologies help to monito the actions of the users of the Service. Cookie is a fragment of data automatically created by the Service and stored on the computer of the user of the Service as one or more files. Cookies are individual, but do not contain Personal Data.
6.2. You can block the download of cookies to your computer at any time, but this can make unavailable to you certain functions of the Service or access to the Service as a whole.
6.3. Using the Service, we receive and store data that does not identify a specific person and are not personal: the user's IP address, operating system version, presence or absence of installed software, version of such software, etc.. We use this information to monitor and analyze trends, administer the Service, track users' movements on the Site, collect demographic and geographic information about our user databases as a whole. We do not link such data with personal data.
6.4. The privacy statements set in this Policy do not apply to third-party cookies. The Service of MASTERINVEST  does not have access or control over such files.


7.1. MASTERINVEST has the right to make changes to this Policy. When making changes in the current edition, the date of the last update is indicated. The new policy comes into force from the moment of its publication on the site, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Policy.
7.2. Any changes made to this Policy are published at, and, if necessary, you will be notified by email and / or notification on the Service.


Any suggestions or questions about this Policy should be reported to “Customer Support Services”.