What is a Node?

A Node - is a specialized unit (a computer or computer system), connected to blockchain net, which uses p2p protocols for information sharing about transactions and blocks. Depending on type and data storage the node is divided into several types: a Lightweight Node and a Full Node.

What is a Lightweight Node?

A Lightweight Node – this is any computer with special software, connected to the blockchain net. The Lightweight Nodes do not maintain data of blockchain, just the block headers to validate authentication of transactions they contain. The Lightweight Nodes depend on the Full Nodes and can be misled, confirming transactions contrary to the algorithm consensus.

What is  a Full Node?

A Full Node is a computer connected to a blockchain network and running 24 hours a day with minimal disconnects and a connected wallet.  The Full Node is autonomy different, independent work and full synchronization with blockchain network.  The Full Node stores all the information about the blockchain blocks and excludes the risk of losing funds.

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode – is a Full Node which is specialized set up, that is linked to a blockchain network 24 hours a day (24/7).  The Masternode shares to miners its remuneration of Support and maintenance of network.

Why you should invest in Cryptocurrency?

The main purpose of the Masternodes is to reward for the maintenance of transactions and network operations. The main advantages of these actions are independence, fraud protection, anonymity and transparency of payments.

Why you should invest in Masternodes?

Investing in Masternodes gives investors the opportunity to receive passive on a 24-hour basis income from maintenance of network. The advantage of passive income is the minimization of time and active participation in the work process.

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